Thinking about emigrating to the Isle of Man? Here are just some of the reasons you should trust the experts.

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Thinking about emigrating to the Isle of Man? Here are just some of the reasons you should trust the experts.

Embarking on a new adventure, like moving to the Isle of Man, can be very exciting, but navigating the complex immigration system can be daunting particularly with so much conflicting and inaccurate advice floating around online.

Every person’s circumstances and family dynamic are unique, and what is the best route for one family may not be the best option for you and yours.

Visa application fees (government fees) can be expensive, and so it may be tempting to try and make an application yourself without professional help. The problem with this is that most visas which appear relatively straightforward at first glance can actually be quite complicated and require an in-depth knowledge of the Isle of Man’s ever-changing immigration laws, policies and visa processes.

Regrettably, many people find out to their detriment.

As just one example of how things can go wrong, at Kinley Legal we regularly have people come to us only after they have already been refused a visa, only to discover that they had made the fundamental mistake of picking the wrong application form. A simple but serious mistake like this means the person is now out of pocket on the initial cost of the visa and they then have to pay the application fee for a second time. Added to this, their plans are delayed as the visa must be processed again and they have the added hassle of having to explain to the Immigration Officer why they have a history of having been refused a visa!

Other common mistakes include picking the wrong English test required for your particular immigration route, applying with documents that are out of date, misunderstanding the financial maintenance requirements of a visa, failing to understand what is required of you at the expiry of a visa and not supplying the correct supporting documents.  

Before you risk your heard-earned money, please consider this:

  • Qualified Isle of Man Immigration lawyers can provide accurate advice that is up to date with ever-changing developments in the law and government policies and procedures. We can help verify and correct government sources and the conflicting and often confusing amateur advice out there on the Internet.
  • We consult with you at the outset to evaluate your unique circumstances to determine what is the most appropriate route to immigration for you and your family – many people have more than one option, and the best one is very often not the one you first thought!
  • We will consider your entire immigration journey and care about more than just getting you a foot in the door. We can help you to understand your whole immigration path from entry clearance to extension applications, indefinite leave to remain requirements and how to obtain British citizenship.
  • A Kinley Legal immigration lawyer is legally qualified meaning he/she has studied, and qualified, in the law and will have completed extensive training and gained the necessary experience to deal with your particular circumstances. We are regulated by multiple professional bodies, must adhere to a strict code of conduct and must hold professional indemnity insurance.
  • While it may be tempting to contact the Isle of Man Immigration Service directly, and indeed you may be encouraged to do so by government sources, it is important to remember that it is the regulator for immigration services in the Isle of Man. As their website confirms, its officers cannot give advice on immigration matters because a conflict of interest could arise when it comes to the deciding of your application. Something said to an Immigration Officer without legal advice could come back to haunt you in future immigration applications. Asking an Immigration Officer for advice is rather like asking the judge to defend you in court.
  • If your circumstances mean you cannot get the visa you want, or if your application is refused, we can provide you with advice on your alternatives and/or your rights to appeal a decision.
  • Our professional fees are transparent, reasonable and competitive, and in the long run it is often cheaper to avoid costly mistakes from the outset.
  • By engaging us, you can relax in the knowledge that you are in expert hands, freeing you up to get on with all the practical arrangements of moving to a new country.  

If you are thinking about immigrating to the Isle of Man, we would encourage you to get in touch with us and talk to one of our friendly team so that you may better understand your options. Kinley Legal is the leading specialist immigration law firm of the Isle of Man. Our talented lawyers hold qualifications to practise not only from the Isle of Man, but also jurisdictions such as England and Wales, Northern Ireland and South Africa.

Please contact us to book a tailored, initial individual consultation. We will conduct an initial assessment and match the most suitable immigration route for you and your family.