A new category for skilled people working in the Isle of Man

Isle of Man Worker

The Isle of Man Worker migrant visa, which replaced Tier 2, helps Isle of Man employers attract and retain skilled employees from all over the world.

When the Isle of Man introduced its Worker migrant route in April 2018, it swept away many of the complexities of the old, UK-style Tier 2 system. Isle of Man employers no longer require a track record and a Sponsor Licence before they can employ workers from outside the European Economic Area (EEA). A streamlined Confirmation of Employment process replaced the cumbersome Certificate of Sponsorship system.

The Isle of Man has its own lists of qualifying roles, and shortage occupation (key employment) roles. These lists focus on the island’s own policy and employment needs, not those of the UK. For instance, chefs are eligible workers in the Isle of Man, even though they are not in the UK.

The Isle of Man’s policy has meant that many roles in e-business and information technology are now exempt from the Resident Labour Market Test, making it much easier for employers to bring skilled staff from overseas.

The main Worker migrant route leads to Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) for the worker and family members after a qualifying period of five years.

There is also an Isle of Man Worker (Intra-Company Transfer) category with simplified requirements. This is suitable for those transferring to their existing employer’s Isle of Man office for a maximum of five years. This category does not lead to ILR.

Commonwealth citizens intending to work in the Isle of Man should also consider the British ancestry visa.

Kinley Legal works with employers, employment agencies and candidates worldwide. We have particular experience in people and businesses in South Africa and Hong Kong. We help ensure that employment offers and contracts comply in full with the requirements of the Immigration Rules.

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  • - client and business partner from the Isle of Man
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    - client and business partner from the Isle of Man
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  • -immigration client from South Africa
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