Providing certainty on the standing of Isle of Man companies and the validity of documents and transactions.

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Legal Opinions

Kinley Legal frequently provides formal legal opinions confirming matters of Isle of Man law.

We work with clients including international and London city law firms on the Isle of Man aspects of wider transactions, where formal confirmation is necessary. The matters upon which we provide legal opinions are diverse, including the standing of Isle of Man companies and other entities to enter into transactions, and more specific questions of law.

Matters on which we can provide legal opinions

In the past, we have issued legal opinions on matters including:

  • confirming the standing of an Isle of Man company intending to borrow funds and provide security as part of a group financing event;
  • confirming the enforceability of overseas legal documents in the Isle of Man or against Isle of Man properties, ships or aircraft;
  • the acquisition by an Isle of Man company of a London commercial property;
  • the opening of a bank account in Dublin in the name of an Isle of Man company;
  • opining on the validity and existence of an Isle of Man partnership under its constitutional documents;
  • providing an explanatory opinion on the treatment of unusual structures in Isle of Man law, such as Foundations, Protected Cell Companies, Limited Liability Companies and Limited Partnerships with legal personality; and
  • confirming a company’s standing for administrative purposes, such as a change in the country of registration of a private yacht.

We also regularly provide legal opinions in relation to bona vacantia and conflict of laws issues. For instance, this may be needed where a property overseas is owned by an Isle of Man company which has been long dissolved or wound up, and its former owners need to confirm the legal status of the owner.

For civil law countries, where required, our Isle of Man notaries public can also provide notarial certificates of standing in relation to Isle of Man companies and other registered structures.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements so that we can help your transaction become a reality.

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