How to resolve concerns where matters don’t go as expected

Comments and complaints

Kinley Legal’s expert team provides legal advice and representation to personal and corporate clients, across our practice areas.

In the event that something doesn’t go as expected, we welcome comments and complaints, which help us in developing better processes and training our staff to provide expert professional service.

Should you be a client and have any concern, we invite you in the first instance to raise this with the fee earner(s) with whom you are working, as we are keen to resolve matters informally wherever possible. Where this is not possible or you are not satisfied with the result, you can follow our internal complaints procedure to escalate your complaint, initially to our complaints officer. If you remain dissatisfied with the outcome, you may further escalate the matter to the Isle of Man Law Society conciliation scheme or elsewhere, as set out in the procedure.

The key ways we assist clients are:

  1. The overriding objective of this policy is to resolve any issue or grievance that a client may have in relation to the company in an amicable manner and to the client’s satisfaction, avoiding the need for the client to resort to complaints through the Isle of Man Law Society conciliation scheme, the Legal Ombudsman in England and Wales and/or any applicable disciplinary body.
  2. Reference to this internal policy will be made in all engagement letters and invoices and on the company’s website. Clients will not be charged by the company for accessing this complaints procedure.
  3. The procedure outlined in this policy is accessible to all clients of the company. To ensure accessibility of this process, complaints need not be made in writing but will be documented in writing by the person dealing with the complaint as soon as possible after the complaint has been made.
  4. The company’s fee earners will seek to identify a complaint as soon as possible, whether or not the word ‘complaint’ is used by the client, and offer this internal complaints procedure. If the client agrees to this procedure, the complaint will be acknowledged in writing within two working days of receipt.  If the client does not agree to this procedure, the company will provide further information as to the Isle of Man Law Society conciliation scheme or the Legal Ombudsman in England and Wales as appropriate.
  5. Complaints officer: Christopher Kinley, the managing director of the company, is the designated complaints handling officer. In the event that the complaint concerns Christopher Kinley, Leah Sizova shall instead handle the complaint.
  6. The complaints officer will investigate the complaint and identify as soon as possible if the complaint can be addressed in a quick and informal manner, for instance by providing greater clarity on the work included in a disputed invoice. If the matter is more complex, for instance where the client feels his/her instructions have not been followed, a more formal approach may be necessary and the client and the company may need to produce and discuss evidence to support their respective arguments.
  7. The complaints officer will keep a written record of all contact with the client and will inform the client how long he/she expects the complaints procedure to take, and update the client of any delay. In the event a complaint is of such a nature that any of the client’s matters being handled by the company is likely to be affected, the impact will be explained to the client as soon as possible.
  8. The decision of the complaints officer will be shared with the client, including as much information as is necessary for the client to understand how he/she reached his/her conclusion. The decision will either be that the company offered reasonable service, or poor service.
  9. In the event the complaints officer comes to the conclusion that poor service was provided by the company, the company will acknowledge the failure and offer a remedy proportionate to the level of the failure, including where appropriate an apology.
  10. In the event the client and the company cannot agree on a resolution, the company will provide further information as to the Isle of Man Law Society conciliation scheme or the Legal Ombudsman in England and Wales as appropriate.2 July 2023

The following are brief details of the number and type of complaints received, and how they have been resolved.

  • 2015: None.
  • 2016: None.
  • 2017: None.
  • 2018: None.
  • 2019: None.
  • 2020: None.
  • 2021: None.
  • 2022: None.
  • 2023: None.

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