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Kinley Legal is a unique, Isle of Man-based law firm. We offer immigration, nationality and business services, and bespoke advice on your personal legal challenges.

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We specialise in immigration and nationality, private client, and corporate and commercial matters – with a clear focus on legal matters relating to the Isle of Man.

If you are looking to move yourself or your business to the Isle of Man, we’re the experts.

We advise on all aspects of Isle of Man immigration and British nationality, including immigration to the Isle of Man, immigration to the UK based on an Isle of Man investment, the acquisition of British citizenship and residence rights, human rights matters and appeals and challenges to immigration decisions.

Our commercial and private client practice includes international commercial transactions involving multiple jurisdictions, trust law and estate planning, and assets including properties, ships and aircraft.

We provide a full range of Isle of Man notary public and other certification services to complement our services for international clients.

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