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In order to ensure our assistance is provided to those who need it most, Kinley Legal offers free legal advice and assistance in certain specialised areas in which it is not readily available.

We regret that the availability of the Isle of Man Legal Aid scheme is severely limited in Kinley Legal’s core practice areas, especially immigration and nationality work. Legal Aid scheme rates of pay for lawyers are not realistic given the high level of training and committment it takes to become a qualified lawyer, nor do they take account of the high premiums law firms are required to pay for professional indemnity insurance. The scheme is also limited to Isle of Man advocates, and does not apply to our lawyers qualified in other jurisdictions.

As a result of these restictions, none of Kinley Legal’s lawyers are prepared to accept instructions under the Legal Aid scheme.

Our current pro bono schemes are:

At Kinley Legal we are stongly of the view that no-one should be able to use the immigration system to abuse, coerce or manipulate another person, for instance, by threats to have immigration permission taken away from a family member in order to force them to remain in a relationship.

Where required, our lawyers will arrange to meet clients complaining of abuse, coercion or manupulation at such location and with such discreet means of communication is required to ensure they have access to the help they need. Clients can select to have an adviser of their own sex, if they prefer this.

We do not charge for initial consultations where there is a case that someone has been abused, coerced or manipulated based upon the grounds of their immigration status. Where a person applies for to leave to remain based upon the grounds of Domestic Violence and is assessed by the Immigration Service as destitute, we will provide all required advice and support services for the application without charge.

There are several schemes for persons connected to Ukraine as a result of the ongoing conflict. These include limited-term schemes for extended family members, extensions to existing immigration leave, and sponsored schemes where individuals are staying with people in the Isle of Man other than their own family.

Kinley Legal is disappointed by the limited duration and scale of the Isle of Man’s Ukraine schemes, which are heavily based upon UK policy in this area. We recognise that as time passes, people within the schemes will wish to understand their options to change their circumstances within the schemes, may have conflict with their family members or sponsors, or wish to switch to a long-term Isle of Man immigration route.

We provide consultations both to Ukrainian citizens and to others displaced by the conflict in Ukraine, on matters including Ukraine scheme applications, alternatives to the Ukraine schemes, and right to work in the Isle of Man. We do not charge for any initial consultations or urgent advice in these areas; we may agree to charge in certain cases to assist with more complex advice involving change of immigration route and right to work issues.

Our lawyers read both Ukraininan and Russian, and can advise in English or Russian.

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