Medical assessment for entry clearance and Isle of Man healthcare

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Medical assessment for entry clearance and Isle of Man healthcare

We are frequently asked whether one needs to do a medical assessment prior to emigrating to the Isle of Man. The only assessment that might be required, depending on the country where you are making your application is a Tuberculosis (TB) test.

A tuberculosis (TB) test is required by an Applicant if they are coming to the Isle of Man for more than six months and they are resident in any of of these countries:

Afghanistan,Algeria,Angola,Armenia,Azerbaijan,Bangladesh,Belarus,Benin (get tested in Nigeria),Bhutan,Bolivia,Botswana,Brunei,Burma,Burkina Faso (get tested in Ghana),Burundi,Cambodia,Cape Verde (get tested in Gambia or Senegal),Central African Republic (get tested in Cameroon),Chad (get tested in Cameroon),Cameroon,China,Congo (get tested in Democratic Republic of the Congo),Côte d’Ivoire,Democratic Republic of the Congo,Djibouti (get tested in Ethiopia),Dominican Republic,East Timor (get tested in Indonesia),Ecuador,Equatorial Guinea (get tested in Ghana),Eritrea (get tested in Kenya),Ethiopia,Gabon (get tested in Cameroon),Gambia,Georgia,Ghana,Guatemala,Guinea (get tested in Sierra Leone),Guinea Bissau (get tested in Gambia or Senegal),Guyana,Haiti,Hong Kong,India,Indonesia,Iraq,Kazakhstan,Kenya,Kiribati (get tested in Fiji),Kyrgyzstan (get tested in Kazakhstan),Laos,Lesotho (get tested in South Africa),Liberia (get tested in Ghana),Macau (get tested in Hong Kong),Madagascar,Malawi,Malaysia,Mali (get tested in Gambia or Senegal),Marshall Islands (get tested in Fiji),Mauritania (get tested in Morocco),Micronesia (get tested in Fiji),Moldova,Mongolia,Morocco,Mozambique,Namibia,Nepal,Niger (get tested in Ghana),Nigeria,North Korea,Pakistan,Palau (get tested in Philippines),Papua New Guinea,Panama,Paraguay,Peru,Philippines,Russia,Rwanda,São Tomé and Principe (get tested in Angola),Senegal,Sierra Leone,Solomon Islands (get tested in Papua New Guinea),Somalia (get tested in Kenya),South Africa,South Korea,South Sudan (get tested in Kenya),Sri Lanka,Sudan,Suriname (get tested in Guyana),Swaziland (get tested in South Africa),Tajikistan,Tanzania,Togo (get tested in Ghana),Thailand,Turkmenistan,Tuvalu (get tested in Fiji),Uganda,Ukraine,Uzbekistan,Vanuatu (get tested in Fiji),Vietnam,Zambia and Zimbabwe.

This is a list valid on the date of the publication of this article 17/06/22

Each country has a list of approved clinics and the test can only be performed in one of the appoved clinics.

If one does not supply a valid TB certificate when making an application for an entry clearance from outside the Isle of Man and UK, such application is likely to be refused.

If you are relocating to the Isle of Man and you have a valid entry clearance, you will be eligible for healthcare, free at the point of use.

Unlike in the UK, when applying for a visa in the Isle of Man, you don’t have to pay NHS surcharge. This is a massive saving, especially for big families. Just to give an example, UK NHS surcharge for a family of five is GBP15,600.00 payable on application submission.

Isle of Man has a UK NHS-style health system which is called Manx Care.

Manx Care delivers the following high quality services:

  • Primary care
  • Urgent and emergency integrated care services
  • Integrated community care
  • Mental health services
  • Social care
  • Specialised care
  • Preventative healthcare (screening and immunisation)
  • Research
  • Women’s, children’s and families
  • Public health delivery programmes
  • Private healthcare

Once you relocated to the Isle of Man, you will need to register with a GP (General Practitioner). There are 14 GP practices across the Island. Usually this will be in the nearest GP practice to where you live but you may also request to be registered in another town in your area. For example somebody living in Port St Mary (South of the island) can also ask to be registered in a GP practice in Castletown (South of the island).

The Manx Emergency Doctor Service (MEDS) provides back-up service when the GP practices are closed. Manx Care prides itself with high quality A&E (ambulance and emergency) service.

Noble’s Hospital, located just outside Douglas provides acute healthcare. If certain medical service is not available at Noble’s patients are referred to commissioned specialist centres in Liverpool.

There are lots of pharmacies available across the Isle of Man.

Please contact us to book a tailored, initial individual consultation. We will conduct an initial assessment and match the most suitable immigration route for you and your family.