Obtaining permission to work in the Isle of Man

Work Permits

The Isle of Man maintains a system of Work Permits, with the aim of protecting the rights of certain local workers.

All people intending to work in the Isle of Man, even British, Irish and European citizens, need to consider whether they need to obtain Work Permits prior to starting work.

People connected to the Isle of Man may qualify as Isle of Man Workers and so not be required to obtain a Work Permit. Kinley Legal can assist in clarifying Isle of Man Worker status.

In addition, there are exemptions from the requirement to have a Work Permit for certain employment. This includes certain positions in the e-gaming and information technology sector.

The Department for Enterprise issues a Work Permit for a one-year period and for a specific employment. Permits are renewable. The spouse or partner of a Work Permit holder or exempt person may typically obtain an automatic Work Permit valid for any employment.

Work Permits and immigration

For workers subject to immigration control, the interaction between immigration law and Work Permits can often be complex. Certain visa categories, but not all, exempt the worker from the separate Work Permit requirement.

A Work Permit is not a visa or immigration permission. This means qualifying as an Isle of Man Worker may not in itself be sufficient permission to live and work in the Island.

Some people may require an immigration permission such as a British ancestry visa in addition to their Isle of Man Work Permit. Kinley Legal is particularly experienced in advising clients on navigating compliance with both systems.

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