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Kinley Legal is a specialist law firm with offices in Douglas, the capital of the Isle of Man, specialising in Isle of Man immigration and British nationality work, as well as advising on corporate and private client matters.

The Isle of Man is a British island Crown Dependency situated in the Irish Sea between Great Britain and Ireland. While the Island maintains a proud tradition of being politically and culturally distinct from the countries of the United Kingdom and Ireland, its physical and legal closeness to them means that it is an excellent location for those seeking to do business. As a result of these advantages and its offer of an excellent quality of life in a safe and secure environment, the Isle of Man welcomes business and personal migration from all over the world.

Kinley Legal was founded in 2015 by Christopher Kinley, an advocate and Isle of Man native, whose family have lived in the Island for several hundred years. In the years before Kinley Legal, Christopher had built up his expertise and reputation as a trusted adviser in leading corporate and private client firms, always with a clear focus on internationally mobile clients.

The firm has a mission to improve the quality of immigration and nationality practice in the Isle of Man, having expanded its practice and team to become the leading specialist immigration law firm of the Isle of Man. We also maintain expertise in corporate and private client matters such as estate planning. We are proud to be a specialist practice, and do not claim to offer advice in all areas of law. Where a client needs assistance with an area of law which Kinley Legal does not practise, we have a trusted network of lawyers, both in the Isle of Man and elsewhere, we can call upon to ensure the best service.

We are fully qualified, regulated and insured lawyers, rather than an immigration agency. Our lawyers hold qualifications to practice not only from the Isle of Man, but also jurisdictions such as England and Wales, Ireland and South Africa. We are very experienced in working remotely with our clients, wherever they are, as well as in person at our offices.

In the course of our years in practice, we have developed our own unique culture and refined how we work, to find innovative ways of problem-solving and to break down some of the mystique in dealing with the legal system.

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