When you need to visit the Isle of Man for reasons including doing business, pleasure, and visiting friends and family.


Visitors to the Isle of Man may need to obtain a visa before travelling, and Kinley Legal is experienced in helping people navigate the complexities.

The Visitor visa covers include visits as a tourist, visiting family and friends, for business, taking part in sporting or creative events, or receiving private medical treatment.

Isle of Man Visitor visas are typically granted as a multiple-entry visa for six months. For more frequent visitors with a good immigration history, two-, five- or ten-year visitor visas are available.

Who needs a Visitor visa

Not everyone travelling to the Isle of Man for a short visit requires a visa. In line with the UK, many countries have visa-free access, and EU nationals and their family members currently benefit from different arrangements. The UK’s online tool can help identify if you are likely to need an Isle of Man Visitor visa.

Visitor visas include those for short-term study (less than six months), visits to get married or enter into a civil partnership, or for parents to visit their child attending school in the Isle of Man.

The application process

Obtaining a visitor visa is not always as straightforward as it sounds. When applying for a visitor visa, you must demonstrate your connection with your country of origin or residence, so that the decision maker can be satisfied that you will return there after your visit.

As with other Isle of Man visas, Kinley Legal typically submits the application online, and then you to attend the local British visa agency in your country of residence. If there is no British visa agency in your country, it may be necessary to visit a British visa agency in another country.

Making a mistake or using incorrect information or documents in a visitor visa application can have repercussions. In serious cases this can include potentially being banned from obtaining visas for 10 years.

Kinley Legal’s advice is often required to properly understand the circumstances a visit visa is appropriate. It is also important to understand what the Visitor is allowed to do in the Isle of Man or UK, and how long the visit can be.

Longer stays

Under normal circumstances, Visitors are not allowed a single stay of more than six months, and it is not possible to extend a visitor visa without applying from overseas. This means if a longer stay is intended, it is best to plan ahead and make the long-term visa application at the outset.

Kinley Legal advises on all types of long-term visa. For longer stays, there are various options, including visas for investment, business, work or family reasons.

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