Brexit: time for Europeans to take up British citizenship?

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Brexit: time for Europeans to take up British citizenship?

There has been much speculation about what will happen to the rights of workers from other European Union countries resident in the Isle of Man and UK, yesterday’s vote by the UK population to leave the EU provides few answers as yet.

Many European residents of the Isle of Man and UK, who have never needed to consider applying for visas, residence rights or citizenship previously, will now be considering whether to use their time wisely now to apply for British citizenship and to safeguard their right to live and work in the Isle of Man and UK, even if future migrants from their home country will need visas to do so.

Several EU countries permit their citizens to continue to hold their old (EU) citizenship alongside British citizenship, if their application is successful.

Due to the close historical relationship between the Isle of Man, Britain and Ireland, many British citizens resident in the Isle of Man and UK will also be in a position to retain their existing EU rights to travel and work freely in the EU by applying for Irish citizenship or passports. As set out in our previous post in August 2015, many are entitled to apply on the basis that they, a parent or an ancestor was born on the island of Ireland (including in Northern Ireland).

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