Seeing red: how the UK Red List could affect you

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Seeing red: how the UK Red List could affect you

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Many people at the moment ask us questions like “I am moving to the Isle of Man from South Africa – do I need to go into hotel quarantine in London, or can I just get the next flight out to the Isle of Man?” and “What is the Red List?“, writes Leah Sizova of Kinley Legal, a legal practice of Isle of Man and English lawyers practising immigration law.

At present, the UK government operates a system of mandatory hotel quarantine, requiring anyone arriving into England who has been in a “Red List” country in the last 10 days to stay in a specified quarantine hotel at their own expense for a period of at least 10 days.

As all public transport to the Isle of Man currently operates via England, there is no way to get to the Isle of Man without crossing England.

Key countries on the Red List are South Africa and the United Arab Emirates, along with much of Africa and South America, where new variants of the Coronavirus emerged. However, now countries such as Pakistan and the Philippines are due to be added to the Red List from 9 April 2021, and the Red List may well be expanded to other countries.

Only British and Irish nationals and those holding residence visas are permitted to enter the UK from Red List countries. You are only permitted to arrive at certain airports, including Heathrow, Gatwick, London City and Birmingham: it is important to note that you are not permitted to arrive at Manchester Airport if you have been in a Red List country.

It is mandatory to complete the full 10-day period of hotel quarantine in England when you are in transit to the Isle of Man. Upon arrival in England, you will be taken to your hotel and will not be allowed to leave during the quarantine period, even if you have a flight booked onward to the Isle of Man.

Confusion has arisen, because the UK Government allows people arriving into England not to go into quarantine if they are in transit to a third country. This could, for instance, mean someone travelling to Barbados from Cape Town via London. This transit rule does not, however, apply to people travelling onward to another country within the UK or in the Common Travel Area (which includes the Isle of Man).

For people moving to the Isle of Man from countries not on the Red List, such as Australia, Canada and the USA, there is no need to go into hotel quarantine, although you do need to self-isolate if you are not flying on to the Isle of Man immediately. Our clients find it most convenient to enter the UK at either Heathrow Airport or Manchester Airport, from which airports flights operate to the Isle of Man every day.

Of course, all new arrivals into the Isle of Man currently need a Coronavirus entry certificate and will need to complete mandatory self-isolation at home for at least 14 days after arrival, even if they have tested negative and completed hotel quarantine or self-isolation in the UK.

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