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Isle of Man visa processing times

We are often asked how long it takes to get an Isle of Man visa decision.

At the moment, there are significant delays in processing, which are being blamed in part on additional applications being prioritised under the Ukraine Schemes.

It also depends on which immigration route you apply in: the simpler the application, the faster it gets processed.

Firstly, ignore any UK timelines you may have read about online – the UK processing targets don’t apply to IOM applications.

Some current time frames from our recent clients’ applications:

-Isle of Man Worker – 5-12 weeks after the biometric appointment

-Start Up and Innovator – 8-10 weeks

-British Ancestry – 8 weeks

-Appendix FM spouse/partner/children – 24 weeks

-Rule 297 child of British citizen/settled person – 24 weeks

-Adult Dependent Relatives – 24+ weeks

What can slow things down?

Both UKVI and the IOM Immigration Service are exceptionally busy at the moment

Getting talked into unnecessary/inapplicable services at the biometric centre (e.g. “Priority”, which cannot be used for IOM applications)

If your application contains errors or you miss requirements, it will be refused and there will literally be a “black mark” in your passport, you will lose all application fees and have to start the process again, declaring that you have previously been refused a visa

If UKVI makes an error and issues your visa incorrectly, meaning you have to get it corrected.

How can Kinley Legal help?

Kinley Legal is a fully insured specialist law firm, specialising in Isle of Man immigration and British nationality work. All our lawyers are based in the Isle of Man and hold qualifications to practise not only in the Isle of Man, but also jurisdictions such as England and Wales, Ireland and South Africa.

If you would like to make an appointment for a call, in-person meeting or online meeting to discuss your situation please get in touch by e-mail at immigration@kinleylegal.com or complete our simple contact form, and we would be pleased to help.